Graduates, you gotta TEFL in China!

Hey guys, so a few years ago I chosen to go and Teach English in China, a country that i had never visited before. Actually, I had never even been to Asia before, then all of a sudden I was living on the other side of the world in South West China. It was amazing, suddenly it was like I was living a completely different life in a completely different world. Not only is going to Teach English in China is an amazing opportunity and adventure in the short term but it is also an astute career move for the future.

As time has gone on, a greater number of students year in year out graduate from Universities with degrees. However, the number of higher level positions is not growing proportionately, thus making it increasingly difficult for graduates to secure their corresponding graduate positions post University. In this busy, competitive job market savy graduates are finding that work experience abroad such as that gained Teaching English in China is helping set candidates apart from their career student counterparts.

In addition to the work experience, another great reason that you really should consider a position in China is that Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world and by learning it you are bound to develop your cultural horizons as a person and improve your job prospects, especially for any larger organisations with links or branches in China. Learning mandarin Chinese may sound a daunting prospect, but it is easier than it looks. On average, the average westerner in China becomes conversational in mandarin Chinese within 12 months of working and living there. So in the one year you are working there, you can go from speaking one language to speaking double, all in just one year. In addition to career prospects, this also has many other life benefits. According to the World Economic Forum

being bilingual alters your brain

Multilingual people are said to have rewired their brains and can learn better than those only speaking a single language.

So there are many reasons to go to China, we haven’t really talked about all the sights and sounds ad amazing places to visit but I assure you, there’s a LOT and talking about them all would turn this post into a guidebook. China is larger than the USA and the places to see and things to do are seriously VAST. To give you an idea, here is a video showing my time in China from Noon Elite Recruitment. Noon Elite Recruitment has the best positions on all the internet on China and the best part about it is that they are a UK agency with high employment standards allowing you a double layer or reassurance and protection in finding your perfect position in China.

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